Monday, August 17, 2009

DTAC Product stewardship program

With current building & OH&S regs, tactiles are are popping out absolutely everywhere. I received this update from DTAC introducing their recycling/refurbishing program and new business policies (.pdf here) worth reading if your about to spec tactiles in your new exhibit
From the DTAC site:

a DTAC product will not complete its life cycle until DTAC collects and remanufactures.

"Our clients don't believe we actually recycle until they experience this service", says Dean Alexander Homicki, CEO of DTAC. "The end client will at some point have to refurbish a floor or surface. It's nonsense for any designers to omit this from their thought process."

Through DTAC's Customer Care program they keep detailed records of all project particulars. This documentation is given to the client at the end of a project which allows for transparent accountability of DTAC to the end client. When the end client realises how much they save by recycling and refurbishing they cannot believe it. So many clients remark, "Why don't others do what DTAC does?."

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