Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LED replacement for fluro battens

EverLED TR LED Fluorescent Replacement
My jaw dropped at the price of these replacement LED tubes, however there is a return on investment calculator which allows you to compare LED and standard tube lifecycle costs and indicates some quite surprising results. Worth looking at.
From the site:
Green for your pocket and the environment.

The EverLED-TR™ brings to you the many advantages of LED Technology, in the simplest way possible, wrapped into a light tube that is compatible with existing standard fluorescent fixtures.

  • No Glass
  • No toxic phosphor, mercury, or lead
  • Recyclable
  • 10 year life (typical)
  • Typical power reduction of 30% or more
  • No "burn out" failure
  • Cold temperature compatible
  • Flicker Free
  • T8 model works in T10 and T12 applications
  • No light wasted on reflector
  • Light output comparable to popular, similar sized fluorescent tubes
  • No electrical work required for installation
  • Compatible with existing:
  • Lenses
  • Magnetic and electronic ballasts
  • Programmed/instant/rapid/trigger start
  • Eliminates need for starter can
Australian (Vic) retailer:
Cutter Electronics

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OMSI Green Exhibits Guide.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Downloadable checklist and rating scorecard to help set benchmarks
OMSI Green Exhibits Guide.pdf (application/pdf Object)

NAME: National Association for Museum Exhibition - Issues and Online Archives

NAME: National Association for Museum Exhibition - Issues and Online Archives

The California Academy of Sciences Delivers a Sustainable Message With Sustainable Exhibition Design | Designerati | Fast Company

California Academy of Sciences
from the site:"For text and images the designers used a direct-to-plywood printing process that saved a step of printing on other substrates or plastic and using excessive adhesives to attach to display panels.
To ensure that the exhibits could be easily updated, the team created a self-contained, modular system that integrates seamlessly with the architecture. Panels and kiosks can be easily removed, and all signage is on easily-replaceable panels, not painted on walls as is common in most museums. All elements were designed to be free-standing and easily moved, each containing its own electrical, lighting, AV and climate control systems. "We found that there were not a lot of choices in the one-off exhibition realm that are super-sustainable" says Heiman. The choice to have a system that didn't create excessive waste helped to make up for the lack of options.
The openness of the exhibits themselves gives visitors opportunities to interact with each other. "You're also engaging with other people," says Brodsley. "You're looking through walls and starting dialogues with people."
"Like every industry they're going have to rethink how they do things," says Heiman. "Our results came from the fact that we don't work in the industry that often, so we came to it with fresh eyes."
The California Academy of Sciences Delivers a Sustainable Message With Sustainable Exhibition Design | Designerati | Fast Company

esute Flip Book

ESute: A traveling exhibit system of 'flip top boxes' from Exhibition Studios in Adelaide that transforms from a travel container/road case to a display plinth. Tough, durable and potentially easily adaptable for other areas. Looks great for outreach programs, touch trolleys etc. Worth a look. Very re usable

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Water based timber finishes
This is the timber finish we usually use that has been approved by our Conservators as suitable for use inside object showcases.
Its great and dries back to a nice finish however is very clear and tends not to bring out the warmth of the natural timber like an oil, hence the search for a natural zero VOC oil... see post below.

Natural oil finish for timber

We're using some recycled timber in an upcoming exhibition and whilst searching for suitable finishes came across this VOC free oil finish which is a by product of wood pulp... looks interesting.
synteko_natural_eco.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Friday, September 11, 2009

OLED Light -

OLED... not quite ready yet but worth keeping an eye on. Article from NY Times
For Effect and Energy, Designers Are Intrigued by OLED Light -