Friday, June 26, 2009

Recycled timber is not just for trims and details…

From the Nullarbor Timber website:
"Nullarbor Forest Timber Industries were approached in 2004 by The City of Greater Melbourne to be involved in the most innovative environmentally friendly project ever undertaken in Victoria. We were asked to supply enough recycled material capable of creating a screen to clad one entire facade of a ten story city high rise....Not one tree has been felled (plantation or otherwise) for the CH2 Screen Project!"
More here CH2 here

Some local Melbourne Recycled timber suppliers:
Shiver me timbers
Australian Recycled Timber
Timber Zoo
Nullarbor Timber
Urban Salvage
Delta Group

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uniboard ECO: Coloured recycled plastic board

There are a number of these recycled HDPE boards around which are quite stiff and have an integral colouring and can be easily cut and machined. This one (ECO) features a fairly tough skin with foamed interior (lightweight). Just be aware that any cut edges will reveal the foamed interior and it does scratch fairly easily. I used this for a kids interactive and routered a graphic into one face, as its a sandwiched construction this messed with the tension and caused the board to warp slightly. These is also Uniboard Stiff, Uniboard Standard and a similar product that comes only in black but is very dense and great for machining... but can't remember the name or supplier???
Uniboard ECO

08-09-09 I've had some further input from a colleague regarding a similar product called Plaspanel. It was spec'd as a board product for some knock down/ slot together tables to display objects and unfortunately it's sagging badly under load... so as usual consider the structural properties of any new material before specifying.

Some good general wood info

Came across this site (RIC Good Wood Guide) the other day that had some interesting items including this summary of timber products & Aus suppliers:
a good summary of Recommended Construction Timbers:
and loads of other timber related stuff. A lot of the links on the page no longer work & I wasn't able to track back to check the sources, but in general the principles seem pretty sound.
Choice of Materials for Sustainable Construction

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Design Victoria - Quick Guide

Wow the colour green is no where to be seen!!!
A quick reference guide worth sticking on the studio wall.
Produced by Design Vic, Vic Gov + RMIT
Features sections for Industrial/Product, Graphic/Multimedia & Fashion /Textiles... Unfortunately no Exhibition.
From the site:
Developed by the Centre for Design at RMIT University, WSP Environmental and leading industry experts, What is Eco-design? provides designers with comprehensive, practical information and quick reference guides whenever you need it.
Design Victoria - Quick Guide