Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uniboard ECO: Coloured recycled plastic board

There are a number of these recycled HDPE boards around which are quite stiff and have an integral colouring and can be easily cut and machined. This one (ECO) features a fairly tough skin with foamed interior (lightweight). Just be aware that any cut edges will reveal the foamed interior and it does scratch fairly easily. I used this for a kids interactive and routered a graphic into one face, as its a sandwiched construction this messed with the tension and caused the board to warp slightly. These is also Uniboard Stiff, Uniboard Standard and a similar product that comes only in black but is very dense and great for machining... but can't remember the name or supplier???
Uniboard ECO

08-09-09 I've had some further input from a colleague regarding a similar product called Plaspanel. It was spec'd as a board product for some knock down/ slot together tables to display objects and unfortunately it's sagging badly under load... so as usual consider the structural properties of any new material before specifying.

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