Friday, May 15, 2009

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Here's an article by Brenda Baker & John Robinson of the Madison Children's Museum presenting a case study of their experiences developing a new children's environment.
Excerpt from the article:The Sustainable Museum:
It’s Not Easy Being Green
The exhibit, however successful, taught us a lot about
the importance of understanding sustainability as a process,
not an end point. While the materials we used in the
exhibit were all natural, mostly organic and healthy for
the kids in the exhibit, some of our choices in materials
came from nonrenewable sources which, when viewed
from a global sustainability perspective, may not actually
be in the best interests of kids. Every question explored in
the development of First Feats revealed exciting new possibilities
but also a slew of additional questions. The trick
is to find functional parameters that work for your institution
and your community, set reasonable goals and realize
that it is entirely appropriate for ourselves, as museum
professionals, to view our daily work as an ongoing
learning process.
Link to article
the_sustainable_museum.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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